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The children begin the school day with structured play activities with their peers. Morning activities include circle time, story time, learning centers, snack, outside play, and special programing. All activities are aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.


Healthy, nutritious snacks are provided for morning and afternoon snack. Parents are welcome to send in a snack for the class for birthdays or special events.


Children enjoy lunch with their classmates in their classroom. Teachers encourage the children to eat their "healthy, growing foods" before the "sometimes foods."



Rest time begins immediately following lunch. The length of rest-time varies according to the age of the child.



These include art projects, games, structured small group activities, outside play, snack-time, puzzles, and story-time.  Special programming, including activities such as Mindfulness, Yoga, and Karate, is available for children ages 3-5. 



Schoolhouse students go outside several times each day. During colder weather, it is very important that they bring a warm coat, mittens, a hat and any other outer clothing to ensure their comfort. A change of clothes appropriate to the season must be kept at the Schoolhouse.

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